Affordable Green Energy

Mass Megawatts has programs available for saving money on the cost of electricity with temporary pilot programs available in some states. The discounted plans comply with renewable energy standards, and can provide substantial savings to electricity and natural gas users through the use of environmentally-friendly, green energy.

  • Great way to save up to 40% or more on your electric and/or gas bills.
  • Easy to enroll – online, by phone, or through the mail.
  • No contracts to sign.  No up-front payments.  Cancel any time.
  • Your utility company stays the same with the same reliable services.
  • You’re helping the environment by switching to a clean energy source.
  • For commercial consumers, we also offer Free Energy Evaluation   services to identify additional cost savings opportunities.

With the deregulation of energy, consumers can now select the energy supplier of their choice, while still keeping their same utility company. Through a simple and easy enrollment process, residential and commercial customers can elect to switch to an environmentally-friendly, low-cost energy plan with Mass Megawatts Wind Power.

As a leader in the development of low-cost, wind-power systems, Mass Megawatts has leveraged its industry-knowledge and wholesale power agreements to offer affordable green energy rates to individual and business customers. While rates depend on several factors, typical savings for Mass Megawatt’s electricity customers range from 10 to 20%, and can exceed 40% in some cases.

For instance, in some areas, Mass Megawatts is currently offering a variable rate, electricity plan (utilizing 20% green energy) at a rate approaching 3 cents per kWh. You can compare this rate to the rate shown on your electric bill to calculate the difference in your territory. In many cases, the potential savings can be significant and exceed 40%. Customers have the satisfaction of saving money with a Mass Megawatts energy plan with the added knowledge that they’re also helping the environment.

When you choose Mass Megawatts as your power supplier, you receive many benefits…

  • Low-cost electricity and/or natural gas plans that can provide substantial savings.
  • Helps the environment through the use of green-energy sources, like wind.
  • Your utility company stays the same and continues to provide you with the same reliable services, like meter reading, bill processing, service, etc.
  • Easy and free enrollment process. No SSN or credit checks, no up-front payments, etc.
  • No contracts or long-term commitments required.  You can cancel at any time.
  • No interruption in your power service when switching to a Mass Megawatt’s energy plan.
  • Multiple plans are offered, including 20% or 100% Green-Energy and variable rate plans.
  • Supports innovation that protects the environment, and limits climate impact, through the reduction of harmful, fossil-fuel emissions.

The deregulation of energy allows residential and business consumers to choose their power supplier.  This has created a competitive marketplace where customers can choose from a wide list of qualified power suppliers based on criteria such as cost and renewable-energy providers.   You’re not required to pick a specific power supplier, and if you haven’t chosen one in the past, your utility will assign you to a default power supplier and rate.   Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that you’re receiving the lowest-rate and/or an environmentally friendly power source.

It’s important to note that your utility company (or carrier) doesn’t change when you select a different power supplier.  You continue to be a customer of your current utility and you continue to receive the same reliable services .  The utility continues to read your meter, provide you with a monthly statement, correct any service problems, and process your monthly payments.  The only thing that changes is where the utility gets your energy from.

It’s an easy and quick process to switch to a discounted electricity and/or natural gas plan from Mass Megawatts.  There’s no cost to enroll, no contract to sign, no credit card or SSN is needed, and you can terminate the plan at any time. You simply contact us (using the form below) and we’ll get back to you to provide you with the plan rates, your estimated monthly savings, answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the simple, online-enrollment process.

At Mass Megawatts Wind Power, we are committed to delivering quality, low-cost, green energy plans and power-generation systems to residential and commercial customers.  You can view more information about our affordable green energy plans on our FAQ’s page.

Please fill-out the contact form below to learn more about switching to a Mass Megawatt’s energy plan and/or to enroll. . If preferred, you can also contact us directly at for assistance. (Please have a recent electric and/or gas bill available when speaking with us. Thank you)

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* Please note that Mass Megawatts respects your privacy and does not sell or share your information.

You can also contact the company directly at  with any questions you may have and/or to enroll for a affordable green energy plan with Mass Megawatts.

For commercial users we also offer “Free Energy Evaluation” services.  Most businesses that take advantage of this free service quickly discover ways to lower their utility bill and quality for reimbursement of prior payments.

The free energy audits identify common problems with current utility plans that are costing many businesses thousands of dollars each month.  Typical errors found include incorrect tax classifications, double meter reads, demand errors, and excessive surcharges.  In many cases, the customer is entitled to a credit, refund, and/or adjustment that may be retroactive, dating back 36 to 48 months.

Often, the savings are quite substantial for businesses who request the energy audit.  Several prior customers have realized refunds in excess of $15,000 with on-going monthly savings approaching $1,500 per month.

There is no risk to perform the audit.  The company only shares in the credits, refunds, and adjustments they identify and secure for the customer.  All future savings is completely retained by the customer.  If no refunds or credits are found, then the audit is completely free.  It’s a great way to get a risk-free, professional analysis of your current utility plans and services.

You can request more information about this free service by submitting a contact request above and/or also contact the company directly at

We look forward to working with you to improve your energy usage and generation processes.


Jonathan Ricker
President and CEO
Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.

Discount Energy Plans – FAQ

Can I Really Impact the Environment?

Yes, you can. Each customer that signs up with Mass Megawatts is part of a collective community dedicated toward reducing harmful fossil-fuel emissions through the use of clean energy technologies.

What is a REC?

REC stands for Renewable Energy Certificate. Each certificate represents proof that one megawatt hour of electricity has been generated from a renewable source. Suppliers like Mass Megawatts purchase RECs to meet mandatory and voluntary renewable electricity requirements. The revenue a renewable generator receives from REC sales provides financial support to the facility and ultimately drives renewable energy development in the US.

What is “Brown Energy”?

Brown energy is energy that comes from conventional fossil fuels, such as oil or coal. The combustion from these fuels releases harmful emissions into the environment. Renewable or “green” energy comes from clean sources that are more sustainable and are better for the environment.

How does Mass Megawatts choose which markets to enter?

There are many factors that determine where Mass Megawatts offers service. Mass Megawatts typically chooses markets in deregulated states that offer Purchase of Receivable, or POR billing methods with the utility. POR guarantees payment to the supplier even if the customer does not pay the bill, which reduces risk for Mass Megawatts and allows us to offer market competitive rates.

What is deregulation and what has it changed?

Prior to the 1990s, every state in the U.S. regulated its energy industry. There was only one company (the local utility) that was responsible for all components of your energy service. Under deregulation, your local utility still exclusively manages the delivery of your power, but the supply, or generation, has been opened to competition for suppliers, like Mass Megawatts, to buy energy in the wholesale markets and then sell it to customers like you.

Where can I find information about competitors?

Most states have consumer guides to help customers learn about and choose a third party supplier. You can usually find the website by going to the Public Utility Commission website for your state. Some of these websites show all of the different suppliers in a given market, including a description of their rate plans and current prices.

How will I be billed?

The same way you always have. You will continue to receive one bill each month with charges for your usage, and the same service and delivery charges. If you wish to change your current payment method you can do so through the utility.

Can I cancel my service with Mass Megawatts at any time?

Variable rate plan customers can cancel their service at any time without penalty. Customers who are on fixed rate plans are subject to a cancellation fee if they choose to end their service before the duration of the term of service.

Does it cost anything to enroll?

Enrollment is absolutely free. There are no sign-up fees or hidden fees anywhere in the process.

Can I still use a budget plan?

If a customer is on a budget plan, it is likely that they will be affected if they sign up with a third-party supplier. In New Jersey and Maryland markets customers typically cannot continue on a budget plan, but in Pennsylvania and Connecticut markets they typically can. However, whatever market a customer is in, they should always call the utility to ask how their budget plan would be impacted by enrolling with a third party supplier.

Can Mass Megawatts rates be higher than the utility?

Yes, Mass Megawatt’s variable rates can sometimes go above the utility’s rate. On average, our customers have historically saved money compared to the utility’s rate. It is part of our company mission to always provide customers affordable, green energy options.

What is the difference between a residential rate and commercial rate?

A residential rate is charged to homes and a commercial rate is charged to businesses. Each bill has a rate code associated with it. Residential rates are normally given a code either starting with, or containing an ‘R’. Commercial rate codes are based on various factors ranging from type of business, to volume consumed, to geographic location of the business. In all cases you can contact the utility providing service on the account to determine the exact classification of any rate code in question.

What does it mean when my bill says ‘price to compare’?

Price to Compare is the default utility rate that a customer would pay if they do not choose a third party supplier. This number is helpful when shopping for a supplier.

Is Mass Megawatts rate the same for each utility?

No. Mass Megawatts prices each market separately based on the local market and how energy is billed by a specific utility.

Does Mass Megawatts offer a fixed rate product?

Yes, fixed rate plans are available in many locations.

What is a monthly variable rate and how is it different from a fixed rate?

A monthly variable rate means that our rate changes according to the price of energy. A fixed rate means that you will pay the same rate for a fixed period of time, usually for one year or 6 months.

What happens if I move?

To move your service to a new address, simply call Mass Megawatts or your utility to make the switch.

Does the utility company get hurt if I switch?

No. Utilities do not compete with third-party suppliers. The utility still makes money through the delivery of electricity and does not lose profit when customers switch to a supplier.

Who do I call if I have problems with my service?

If you have any problems, you will contact the utility. They remain responsible for the delivery of your energy, as well as for any necessary maintenance and repairs to any lines or meters. The utility also still provides billing so you will call them for any questions about your bill.

Why do rates vary?

Energy is a commodity. This means it is bought and sold on the open market, just like the stock market. Knowing this can help you understand basic movements. When demand is low, the price goes down. When demand for energy is high, such as during peak summer and winter months, the price goes up. Mass Megawatt’s variable rate product reflects this fluctuation. For customers who prefer price certainty, Mass Megawatts also offers fixed rate plans.

How can Mass Megawatts rate be lower than the utility’s?

Deregulation allows electricity suppliers like Mass Megawatts to buy energy wholesale from competitive providers and pass the savings along to customers. Mass Megawatts also provides only one specialized service, eliminating the operational costs that often burden utilities.

If I switch, will my reliability be affected?

No. Mass Megawatts and other third party suppliers like us are just as reliable as the utility, and all are licensed and monitored by the utility commission or responsible authority in your state.

Will I have to get a new meter or any new equipment?

No. You will not have to make any purchases or changes to the system you currently have. You will keep the meter you have always had and it will be read the same way and on the same cycle. No physical or logistical changes are required because the utility still delivers your energy.

Does Mass Megawatts offer natural gas or electricity service?

Mass Megawatts offers both natural gas and electricity service. Customers can enroll for just electricity, just natural gas, or both, depending on their utility service territory.

What are the benefits of choosing Mass Megawatts Energy as my energy supplier?

We offer customers a unique and simple way to help the environment. Our electricity products come from more renewable sources you can do something for the environment without paying more or changing your behavior. By signing up for our energy services, you can feel good knowing that your choice is part of the collective impact of our mission.

What makes Mass Megawatts Energy different from other energy suppliers?

We are a socially responsible energy company that provides greener energy at affordable prices. Unlike our competitors who charge a premium for green, Mass Megawatts accepts a lower profit in order to make our product affordable to customers.