Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. Announces Improvement with its Low-Cost, Solar Tracking System

WORCESTER, Mass., October 24, 2019 — Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (OTC: MMMW) today announced an improved solar tracking technology with additional non tracking related power output improvement innovations designed to increase solar energy production by more than 60%.  It is an improvement of the previous design of the 30% increase of energy production compared to similar kilowatt rated stationary units.  Although, the higher additional cost for the new system is 15% greater than stationary units, the higher power output improves the rate of return with electric cost savings. The patent pending, ‘Solar Tracking System’ (STS) with  technology  developed by Mass Megawatts and its partners is designed to automatically adjust the position of solar panels to receive an optimal level of direct sunlight throughout the day.  Unlike other solar tracking technologies, the Solar Tracking System (STS) utilizes a low-cost structure that adds stability to the overall system while improving energy production levels.

The STS is an innovative structural design that is simple, robust, and low-cost.  The solar panels are automatically repositioned throughout the day as the sun’s position travels from east to west with dual tracking capability.  This allows the panels to receive more direct sunlight and to generate more solar power for the customer.  With this system, solar power production is increased more than 60% as compared to stationary configurations.   Although, the 15% additional cost for the new version with 60% increase in power output is higher than the 10% additional cost of the older version of 30% additional output, the solar project payback period of the improvement is quicker.

In another advantage, the competitive impact of rapidly declining solar panel cost and inverters cost reductions as technology improves is limited with the solar tracking system since the additional output would be realized on the any solar units. Photovoltaic panel or inverter technological advancement would not have an impact.

Mass Megawatts plans to educate potential solar tracker sales prospects and installers with demonstration events at several cities in the next few months.

The STS allows Mass Megawatts to lower material costs and reduce the number of solar panels needed to generate the rated capacity.  Due to this advantage, Mass Megawatts can deliver more solar power production at a price similar to lower-capacity, stationary systems  Further, by taking advantage of a lease program or power purchase agreement (PPA) arrangement with the company, a customer may realize an immediate, positive cash flow, as immediate energy savings and/or revenues will be realized and/or exceed the monthly payments due.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that could be affected by risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated herein are: the failure of Mass Megawatts Wind Power, also known as Mass Megawatts Windpower, to achieve or maintain necessary zoning approvals with respect to the location of its power developments; the ability to remain competitive; to finance the marketing and sales of its electricity; general economic conditions; and other risk factors detailed in periodic reports filed by Mass Megawatts Wind Power. Additionally, Mass Megawatts Wind Power stock quote and Mass Megawatts stock price may be impacted by global condition. Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc. expected and anticipated positive and negative impact on the Mass Megawatts stock price and the MMMW stock quote.

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