SOON---- Mechanical and Technical Details of New Innovations Leading to Cost Reductions for Solar Trackers and Related Solar Energy Cost

Mass Megawatts offers a variety of low-cost, high-efficiency, solar power solutions that are ideal for residential and business locations. Each system is designed for durable, long-term, maintenance-free operation, with scalable capacity to meet the energy needs of residential, small commercial, and large commercial customers.

A Solar Power System from Mass Megawatts can significantly lower your electrical bill while adding value to your home or business. While it depends on several factors, typical savings for Solar Power customers can range between 20 to 50%.

Also, with available government incentives for solar power investments, you may be able to recoup a large percentage of the system cost after the first year. (This includes a 30% Federal tax credit for solar power investments.) In some cases, you may be able to recover close to 50% of the original cost within the first year. This is a great opportunity to save money while switching to an environmentally-friendly energy source.

Solar power systems from Mass Megawatts utilize an innovative, solar-tracking technology within a patent-pending, structural design to increase energy generation levels while also reducing material costs. This allows Mass Megawatts to offer solar power solutions at industry-low, price levels.

Depending on where you live, there can also be significant state and local incentives available for homeowners and businesses that invest in solar. These programs allow you to recoup thousands of dollars after the first year of installation. This includes state solar rebates and also with Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) programs. Not only can these reduce the initial cost, but can provide ongoing revenues for solar power producers.

Mass Megawatts makes the process to go Solar easy. They handle all aspects of system installation and delivery, including a free site-evaluation and proposal to help you fully understand the cost and benefits of making the switch to Solar.

Mass Megawatts also provides a full guarantee on the operational performance of the system. Simply put, if it doesn’t generate the expected level of energy, then Mass Megawatts will pay you the difference. Likewise, any needed maintenance and/or repairs are fully covered for the first 10 years as well.

To get started, please fill out the contact form above to find out how you much money you can save by switching to solar power. We look forward to helping you go solar!

  • Residential Solar Power (Please click here)

    • The residential, Solar Power System from Mass Megawatts is an ideal solution for home owners interested in lowering their electric bill while helping the environment at the same time.

      The patent-pending, solar tracking technology increases solar power production by up to 28%, requiring less components to reach the desired capacity. This allows Mass Megawatts to offer best-in-class pricing for residential solar systems.

      Residential Solar Power

      While actual savings depends on several factors, typical solar power customers, with a 5 to 10 kW system, realize an average savings of 20 to 50% off their current electric bill.

      Mass Megawatts also offers flexible payment options, including no-money-down arrangements to either lease the system or enter into a power purchase agreement. In these cases, Mass Megawatts would install the system at your home for free and you would pay a monthly fee for the energy that’s produced that would usually be less than the rate you’re currently paying with the utility. This gives most homeowners the financial means to immediately lower their energy costs with a solar power system.

      If you’re interested in purchasing a system outright, you should know that there are government incentives that can substantially reduce your total cost after the first year. For instance, through 2016, the Federal government is offering a 30% tax credit based on the total cost of a solar power system. There are also many state and local incentives that can recoup thousands of additional dollars when making an investment in solar power.

      As you might guess, Solar Power Systems work best when they have maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day. Homes with southward facing roofs, with minimal sun obstruction are ideal. Also, for rooftop installations, you’d want the roof to be in good condition before installing any solar components.

      Mass Megawatts makes the process easy to go Solar easy. We work with each customer to design an ideal solar power solution that meets their budgetary constraints and energy needs. We handle all aspects of design, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support. We also fully guarantee the operational performance of each system. If it doesn’t produce the level of energy that was expected, we’ll pay you back the difference each year.

      We look forward to helping you switch to solar. To get started, please fill out the contact form above to find out how you much money you can start to save by switching to solar power. We look forward to helping you go solar!

  • Small Business Solar Power (Please click here)

    • Small businesses have a great opportunity for substantial savings with a Mass Megawatts Solar Power System. Unlike most residential locations, many commercial sites consume a higher level of energy that causes them to incur a demand charge from the utility. When this happens, energy costs can increase significantly, often adding a premium of over 30% to the total bill. This is often classified as ‘General Service with Demand Billing’ and applies to many small commercial customers.

      For example, a demand charge is typically applied when monthly electricity usage exceeds a certain level, such as 2000 kWh per month over 4 consecutive months. When this occurs, the utility will install a ‘demand meter’ to measure your peak level of energy usage during each billing cycle and assess an additional fee for this demand level. For example, if you have 40 kW peak demand at $8.00 per kW, you’re looking at an increase of $320 per month.

      This isn’t good news for your energy bill. However, with a solar power system from Mass Megawatts you can avoid this added expense. The solar power you generate will reduce the amount of energy you need to use from the utility. This, in turn, will keep you below the demand threshold and eliminate this charge. It’s a great way to reduce your electric bill by a few hundred dollars each month.

      While eliminating the demand charge by itself can provide substantial savings, you’ll also be saving money by replacing the more expensive, utility-supplied power with the lower-cost, solar power you’re generating.

      Mass Megawatts proprietary technology provides a strategic cost advantage in the solar industry that we pass along to our customers. The cost/savings benefit with our Solar Power System is unmatched.

      Solar Power System Impact…

      Example Savings…

      Average payment before Solar

      $500 / month

      Demand charge is eliminated

      Saves $260 / month

      Supply charge is reduced

      Saves $20 / month

      Total savings

      $280 / month

      New projected payment with Solar

      $220 / month

      Annual Savings

      $3,360 / Year

      Savings over 30 year useful life


      It can be very satisfying to switch to a low-cost, green-energy source that helps the environment by reducing the demand for fossil-fuel energy sources that produce toxic, carbon emissions. This effort is recognized and supported by individuals, customers, and organizations around the world.

      There are substantial government incentives that solar power investments qualify for, including the 30% Federal Tax Credit. In addition, depending on your location, there can also be significant state and local incentives available for small businesses that invest in solar. In some cases, small businesses can recoup close to half of the original system cost after the first year.

      Mass Megawatts Solar Power Systems can be installed on rooftops or at ground level. They can be scaled or expanded to meet future energy needs at the site. Mass Megawatts handles all aspect of system installation, delivery, and monitoring, which makes the process to go Solar much easier for customers.

      The operational performance of your Mass Megawatts Solar Power System is fully guaranteed. If it doesn’t generate the expected level of energy, then Mass Megawatts will pay you the difference. Also, while not anticipated, any needed maintenance and/or repairs are fully covered as well over the first 10 years.

      We look forward to helping you switch to solar. To get started, please fill out the contact form above to find out how you much money you can start to save by switching to solar power. We look forward to helping you go solar!

  • Commercial Solar Power (Please click here)

    • The patented, STS technology is designed to automatically adjust the position of solar panels to receive an optimal level of direct sunlight throughout the day.  Unlike other solar tracking technologies, the Mass Megawatts STS utilizes a low-cost structure that adds stability to the overall system while improving energy production levels.

      The STS utilizes an innovative structural design that combines a simple, yet robust, A-frame design with a low-cost, protective outer-wall.   Using a non-electrical, and passive, tracking technology, the solar panels are automatically repositioned throughout the day as the sun's position travels from east to west.   With ground fittings secured at multiple points, the system is designed to handle extreme weather and winds up to 120 mph.

      The tracking technology allows the panels to receive more direct sunlight and to generate more solar power for the customer.  With this system, solar power production is increased by up to 28% as compared to stationary configurations.   Future versions of the STS will also offer a dual-tracking capability, which can further improve solar power generation levels by an additional 10%.

      The STS allows Mass Megawatts to lower material costs and reduce the number of solar panels needed to generate the rated capacity.  Due to this advantage, Mass Megawatts can deliver more solar power production at a price similar to lower-capacity, stationary systems.  In many locations, this improved output translates into a 20 to 30% rate of return for the customer with investment payback occurring in the 3rd or 4th year. 

      The STS provides scalable capacity for 10+ megawatt installations and can be installed on variety of ground-level terrains and rooftop locations. The system is well suited to provide power generation at remote locations and for internal, high-energy demand operations. The STS provides an ideal, cost effective approach to meeting organization energy needs.

      Mass Megawatts coordinates all aspects of system delivery, including permitting, installation, and working to obtain any available tax incentives.  They monitor the performance of each system, and provide a full, performance guarantee.

      We welcome the opportunity to work with commercial and corporate entities, as well as, solar power developers directly.

Mass Megawatts continues to develop and improve alternative energy solutions that seek to reduce energy costs, improve the environment, and provide power access to remote locations throughout the world. We believe our advanced solar power system has created an unprecedented opportunity for residential and commercial electric users alike.